Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My parents always insist that i finish my degree first before doing my own things as a backup but i finally came to point where, i feel completing my degree is somewhere my last option.

Many might think i'm crazy for not completing my degree but i absolutely feel what i'm currently working on will change the world. Even if it doesn't i've gain enough experience for another startup.

Very soon my kings, a new platform will be out for sure; please stay tune!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Guys, i'll be busy from a year now. I'll be introducing a new platform soon :) stay tune in a year ;D

Monday, June 18, 2012

Entrepreneurship, life purpose.

A picture of me when i was young:D
I had the beatles hairstyle if i'm not mistaken. When all of us were at this young age, we couldn't careless because they weren't much to care about at all; it was all fun! Like this song by we are young- Fun.

Then when we reach our teenage years. For me i tried to be my best at Football and tried to get some girls because it was "socially cool" back then and maybe it still is; i dont know. At the end of the day, i never cared about what the whole point of life was, i thought it was just fun and games and hopefully to just get a sweet simple job and life with it forever.

I dont know about you guys, but i really thought about chilling with life during my teenage days and was never serious about anything particular. Until recently, I was searching for the meaning of what my life meant, what was my purpose? I always believe that everyone has a purpose in their life. My journey of finding the answer with my life led me to the United States. I applied for the study exchange programme linked with my local college and left to the U.S back in August 2011. The pictures below shows you the people i left behind to chase an important goal.
Family pic(I'm on the left :)

2 important ladies in my life :)
Awesome college mates :D

I'm pretty sure most of us board onto a sad flight where we do not want to leave but we have to. I traveled around the west side of the United States 2 weeks prior enrolling to Northwood University; it was a really good way for me to see the world in a different angle. I love everything i saw and these are some of the pictures i would like to share with you(All pictures taken are trademark of this blog only)

and that's all for the pictures :D None of the place that i've visited changed me except Palo Alto, CA. Why? i had a hunch of what the next big thing project that i was going to do, shhhhhh.... it was just a baby hunch, i wasn't still sure on what was my purpose in life yet.

5 Months later.....

I watched this commencement speech by Steve Jobs from Stanford. If you didn't catch it, you can watch it here.

It gave me this drive of inspiration after hearing those words from Steve Jobs. He became my idol, my inspiration and my motto. I didn't respect him for abusing his employees but i respected him for being a visionary, a leader and a true showman. This video made me realized that i want to be an entrepreneur. It's not one of those videos where you watch and you suddenly feel a short urge to do something but this video by Steve Jobs opened up my eyes and i started connecting all the dots. All the dots that i connected ever since i was young led me to 3 final judgement.
1) I always wanted an empire
2) I was always tech savvy
3) And i was always curious
These 3 things led me to a path that i've never thought of it before. It told me to change the world. How can one 19 year old change the world? and change what? Those were the questions that kept me thinking all the time. I knew i wanted to do something that is related to technology but i didn't know what. As time went by i had alot of crazy ideas but none were relevant and i kept thinking and thinking.

Back to Malaysia 5 January 2012.

I didn't hesitate in waiting for my degree to finish to start a company, i went full throttle straight. My believe as an entrepreneur or any entrepreneur is to build things that would put a dent in the universe. We do not do things because we want to do them but i solely believe we do things because we want to build a change; we want to challenge the status quo. I knew from the moment i landed back in Malaysia, i wanted to change Malaysia, the rest of Asia and the World. It became true to me that my goal and purpose in life was to change the lives of people around me, to have my influence on them because at the end of the day, if you are able to change a person life; nothing is more meaningful than them saying thank you to you that you changed their life with your words. As an entrepreneur, my goal is to reach the level of Steve Jobs and the vision i have for my company is to match up to Apple and to compete at global standards.

My words to entrepreneur out there, even though if things are bad; persevere my friends because there will be the day where your startups and mine will be able to touch the lives of many. Enriching their life.

My fellow entrepreneurs, mark my words. WE WILL PUT A DENT ON THE UNIVERSE.

We do not have many chance to do many things, and everyone should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know. So this is what we've chosen to do with our life, so it better be damn good, it better be worth it.
- Steve Jobs

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Palo Alto

My chase for success begins. Will blog on it tmrw, stay plugged.

Retina Display MacPro

When it comes to personal computers, Macbooks are definitely the king of personal computers. Not because it's pricey but because of it's design. I believe Jonathan Ive made a lasting impression on all Apple devices with hisdesigns. Of course the Macbooks are designed by Ive himself and it simplicity and elegance makes it worth the money. I myself own a macbook white unibody late 2010 model and it has lasted me for 3 years now, talk about durability man!

Recently, June 11 Apple came through with WWDC( World wide developers conference) @ somewhere in San Fran. I woke up about 8AM
ET to catch the replay of WWDC on the Apple website. Many website such as 9to5mac and macrumours speculated hat Apple will release a macbook pro which has Retina Display. If you guys dont know what retina display? It's Apple trademark of a super vibrant and crisp screen; competitor to the Super Amoled HD. What 9to5mac and macrumours speculate were true, Apple did release the Macbook Pro 15inch Retina Display. I'm planning to get a new Mac that is why i was so damn excited about the new Mac lineup!

Here's the comparison.
Macbook Pro Retina Display(from 2199USD). . Besides all the bump in specs and the awesome features. Here's what bothers me as a consumer. The 15inch Macbook Pro Retina display is too costly. I believe Apple will soon bring out the 13inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display and it will be about 1799USD onwards? That is just too costly!! The display is soooo gorgeous that you can only look at it and not purchase it. Who in the world would spend 6-8k on a Macbook Pro Retina Display, even designers wouldn't do that. I'm an Apple fan but Apple really need to downsize on the cost, because creating an awesomely sharp display and bump in specs have been seen in HP, Dell, etc laptops. As for me, the unveiling of the Retina Display Macbook Pro during WWDC was quite a letdown for the Macbook Pro. What say you humans? Is it a need? or need not? Let me hear your thoughts.

New me

I've discard all the the previous website layout and this is the new look as for now. I'm pretty sure all my readers are wondering why all the inspirational people are on my blog and a huge quote saying "As you think. So shall you become". Well reason being, Ive always wanted to create a space where different people from all over the world have a place to share their inspirational moments and so can i.

I get most of my inspiration reading books, article and watching videos on Steve jobs, Bruce lee and Sean Parker. I also enjoy reading quotes on different philosophers such as Socrates and Plato. I will post more about my thoughts towards various ideals on the world. Also revealing a project that i'm working on. This blog will contain alot on my technology thoughts, as i'm a tech savvy person, fitness guides, fashion taste and elements of inspiration. Feel free to share yours

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected- Steve Jobs

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

A little video that i viewed long time ago by Simon sinek on TED about How great leaders inspire through action, take a look.